The land survey work

  • Local plan

Local plan is the long-term spatial development planning document drawn up by the city, village or part of it. The local plan shall also carry out the part of the agricultural territory a planning task solving or territory design specification and reorganize.

  • Detailed plan

A detailed plan is a spatial plan of the local government, which shall be established in order to define the requirements for the use of certain land units and the building parameters, as well as clarify the borders of land units.

  • The land survey project

The land survey project presented solutions for the local government territory reorganisation or divisions.

A land survey shall be carried out:

  • The reorganisation of land unit boundaries.
  • The unit of land and a part of a unit of land exchange, the elimination of inter-areas.
  • Real estate divisions.
  • Land consolidation.
  • The provision of access possibilities to the land property.
  • The development of the detailed plan.


  • Territory landscape design