Construction work for houses

1) Consultation of architect.
2) Surveying work. A topographic plan the piece of land intended for building a building.The survey shall be carried out by a surveyor.
3) Architect, develop construction project (building in minimum composition)
4) The construction intention co-ordinate the building authority, after co-ordination with the conditions of the permit shall be issued for the design works.
5) If the intended for installation engineering, receive technical regulations from the responsible authorities.
6) Architect, develop the building design, also involving constructor for design work, as well as, if necessary, other specialists – depending on the type of job.
7) The building project shall co-ordinate the building authority for construction permit is performed after co-ordination of the conditions of implementation of the works.
8) Construction works performance. Construction work is to be carried out in accordance with the accepted building design, technical rules and the requirements. Construction solutions must comply with the regulatory enactments regulating building.
9) Commissioning of the building.